Yellow is Love’s Color – Chapala, Mexico

Luisa and Juan Pedro held their beautiful wedding at their family’s house in Chapala, Mexico. Chapala is the biggest lake in Mexico which is overlooked by the house. Surrounded by lovely gardens and painted in a colorful yellow, the architectural aspects of the location acted as the perfect backdrop for the shoot. The white and black of the bride and groom contrasted with the bright yellow painting, creating a statement that I ended up LOVING! Luisa and Juan Pedro were nervous at times and then would burst out in smiles and giggles which made my heart melt. 


One of the mountains that encircles Chapala is called the Chupinaya. Chapala has a range of activities that can be done from hiking and cycling to water skiing and boat riding. Chapala is a leisurely place for a destination wedding because it offers all these options to guests. In addition, there are countless wedding venues and house rentals that range from colonial to modern to fit everyone’s style. The church downtown is also a huge attraction for all couples looking for a different-feel ceremony. 


The Chapala area which also includes Jocotepec is a major location for retirees, mostly Americans and Canadias. There are countless restaurants and bars run by locals and expats that offer a welcoming and homely feeling. There are two main spas, El Chante and Monte Coaxala. El Chante is located directly on the lake, while Monte Coaxala is up in the mountains. These two besides the spa service offer a luxurious hotel. At only a 40 minute drive from Guadalajara’s airport, Chapala is an easy destination to get to. In the past year it has grown quite a bit so stores and services are not a problem either. Even a wedding on the weekend in Chapala and then touring Guadalajara during the week is a good idea. Everyone is bound to love Chapala. 





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