Loving You Forever is What I Need – Guadalajara, Mexico

Andrea and Alex shared their vows at a wedding ceremony in Guadalajara, Mexico. I took their portraits at their family property’s garden. You should not shy down if you were not able to reserve the most amazing or stunning location for photos. I can always make things work.

With Andrea and Alex, I worked with her bride veil and with the spouse car they acquired for the ceremony. In my work, I love playing around with light, shadows, reflections and contrasts to create astonishing photographs without the grandeur of a place or location. 

A lot of couples ask me how they can share their passions and interests with me so that I can portray them in the photographs. This is why I make such a big effort to relate and connect with the people I work with. I do not create something that does not exist, but rather capture the magic that is already there.

I enjoy and am passionate about being able to do this, especially at a wedding ceremony in Guadalajara, Mexico, my hometown.

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