Wedding Shoot in Hong Kong, China





On one of my recent trips to Asia, I had the opportunity to visit the city of Hong Kong in China. Mesmerized by the highrise architecture and exceptional lights that heightened the city’s atmosphere, I would spend hours strolling through it’s beautiful walkways surrounded by enormous buildings. 

On one of my outings I encountered a newlywed couple, fully dressed taking their portraits. Excited, I politely asked if I could join in and capture some shots of them. The young couple agreed and we had a blast. It lasted only a while but we had fun exchanging bits about ourselves between the shots, given we met right there at the spot. This shoot truly reminds me of the beauty in spontaneity. Without knowing or planning I got to do a small wedding shoot in an unexpected city. 

If I run into you on the other side of the world fully dressed in wedding attire, I won’t hesitate to ask if i can take some shots. 

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