Secret Garden Wedding in Tapalpa, Mexico

Marimar and Berny’s classic but chic wedding reminded us all of the English wetland vibes. As if it had taken place in a small town off of London, these two lovers held their ceremony and reception at the destination that has it all in Mexico. Tapalpa is a colonial town only two hours away from Guadalajara. Besides being in a forested area, it has some grasslands and big ponds too. This all adds to the beautiful scenery that can be enjoyed for anyone who visits this magical town. Tapalpa is the perfect place to find a venue that will be home to neat areas like a green house or an inside-home chapel. For Marimar and Berny’s wedding we used the greenhouse as a backdrop for the dress.  Also, a stone wall covered with flowers adorned  the house where the couple was getting ready in. All these different elements made everything feel like the nostalgic movie, the Secret Garden. The results in the photographs were iconic shots that reflected the intimacy of a classic but chic secret garden wedding in Tapalpa, Mexico.

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