One of the Yucatan Peninsula’s Greatest Venues: Chable Maroma

Thanks to the couple’s wishes of having a complete wedding weekend with all their most loved ones, Estrella and Sam’s celebrations were like no other. The couple shared their union of love at one of the Yucatan peninsula’s greatest venues, Chablé Maroma. Guests first enjoyed a Shabbat evening cocktail with a dreamy view of the sunset. The amazing venue that hosted their guests and held their events, was helping enough to even provide challah bread for everyone. Afterwards, the couple had a Moroccan night where guests dressed accordingly. It was a lively night where rugs, sitting space and a dance area gave the whole middle eastern feeling.

On the final day, Estrella and Sam held a religious ceremony overlooking the sky-blue ocean. Having the waves as backdrop gave the dramatic effect intended. The sun set and purple and pink hues filled the sky. It truly was a magical night.

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