Intimate Wedding at Exclusive Garden House in Guadalajara



I took María and Tito’s civil wedding photos months before, so being with them once again was a great pleasure. Normally I shoot dinner weddings, however on this occasion, the wedding took place in the afternoon hence, portraits began in the morning. During María’s getting ready I got to shoot precious moments between  María, her mother and her sister. This lapse of time I got to capture of them was extremely special because they have incredibly close relationships. The whole mood was lightened up because we could hear María’s brother’s music booming from his bedroom. María would just roll her eyes and break into laughter, treasuring her last moments being part of the home she grew up in. 

María chose to create a first look with her dad and her brother. This was a unique touch she added to her own day to keep it personal and original. Her dad turned around, María walked out, and when they saw each other they could not contain their deep emotions of love and admiration. It was beautiful to see them both share a quiet moment of gratitude when her dad gave her an unexpected present, a silver bracelet from Renata Larios

I was lucky to ride in the car with María on the way to the church. Seeing her in the peaceful and serene state that I did, made me ponder the beauty contained inside a bride. 

I know them well, so being with them as they worked as a team while sharing their excitement for their big day reminded me of the stunning couple they are. Tito was barely recovered from a knee injury so María was always obliging to him.

The reception took place at an exclusive garden house in Guadalajara that is not open to the normal public. It was an incredible experience to be able to shoot the couple at this location. Her wedding planner was Peter de Anda who put on a spectacular event that created the perfect atmosphere to cherish the love María and Tito share. When the couple danced together, the whole party could not hold in their cheer and applause. It was a day to raise your glass for them!



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