Engagement Shoot with a Sunset in Tapalpa, Mexico



Pepe contacted me one month before to let me know he would be getting engaged and would love me to photograph the moment. We planned how the day would go carefully so that Giovanna would really be surprised. We decided on a picnic in Tapalpa, Jalisco, a beautiful forest just a 45 minute drive outside of Guadalajara. Pepe invited my boyfriend and myself to ride along with them from Guadalajara, given we are close friends. This is the way I most like to work, when I can truly experience the whole day with the people I am going to shoot. We did this also to keep it casual and keep Giovanna from suspecting anything. 


Tapalpa is a rustic pueblo mágico in Jalisco that sits on top of a big mountain range. Because of this, the views around the town are breathtaking. There’s a perfect picnic spot called La Piedra. While my boyfriend and I took a “hike around” and hid in the bushes, this is where Pepe asked Giovanna to marry him. There was a colorful sunset that let me get beautiful shots. After the engagement the couple was greeted by friends and family at one of the great cabins that surround Tapalpa. Tapalpa is also a great place to rent majestic log cabins that are perfect to host all loved ones.


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