strong mere force is feebleness, the truth more first than sun, more last than star.”

–e.e. Cummings

“Love is the voice under all silences, the hope which has no opposite in fear, the strength so

Ever since I began taking photos, I have given a lot of thought to the way I do things. My goal is to give each and every one of my clients an unequaled experience that will stay with them forever. I am constantly changing and redesigning my client experience to make sure it always prioritizes the way you feel and the relationship we hold throughout the whole process.

There’s absolutely no hard feelings if we’re not the right match. I genuinely prefer you go with another photographer if that’s what’s right for you. Remember, you’ll look back at these photos for decades to come so I want you to remember the experience of having them taken with fondness. I want what’s best for YOU. We both deserve this!

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