Colorful and Vibrant Wedding Callejoneada in San Miguel de Allende



These two love birds flew all the way down from New York to get married in San Miguel de Allende. It was amazing to see their friends and family gather in a foreign country with the sole reason to praise love.

The day before their wedding ceremony they hosted the traditional callejoneada in the streets of San Miguel. A callejoneada is a celebration in which the newlyweds or nearlyweds walk along the streets and their family, friends, and even anyone who’s watching and wants to join in, can. This custom is the perfect occasion to wear an alternative attire, to wear cowboy boots with a dress, wear a headpiece, and wear very colorful accessories. Most couples also plan their callejoneada with mariachi, decorative signs, flower crowns, horses and even donkeys. It’s a time to have fun, dance, cheer and sing along. Every couple I have done this with say it’s the best experience of their wedding weekend. There is a charming feel to being surrounded by a time-honored, cobblestone Mexican town, and being allowed to commemorate your love union right on the street.




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